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Brazilian Keratin and

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We Are The Best - Here’s Why

Absolute Best Prices

With current specials, we haven’t found any salons doing quality hair extensions for less.

We can put in as few or as many extensions as you want. And consultations are free.

We Make Our Own Extensions

We have tried many brands of extensions, but none of them, no matter how expensive, gave us the look and flexibility we were looking for. So we developed our own system for making extensions.

We make them custom for YOUR hair, usually at the same time our stylists are putting them in your hair. We can show you our process and explain why our approach is the best. This allows us to have the best color matching, color depth, highlighting, texture, and attachment method of any salon around.

Best Color Match

We achieve the best color matching for two reasons.

1) It starts with the color decisions that only an extremely experienced and talented colorist can achieve. This is where most salons start off wrong. We have the color expertise you need.

2) Since we make our own extensions, we can mix multiple hair colors into each extension to get exactly the color you want., adding to the richness and depth of your color. Other salons can only buy  standard colors and hope to get close. If your color is not standard, (and whose is?) your color won't be perfect.

Note: Extension salons in the area send their customers to us to color their customer’s hair to match the extensions they have in stock. Go figure!

Best Highlights

Just like color matching, making our own extensions allows us to mix different color hair strands into each extension in a way that will perfectly match your highlights or give you the highlights you want, without looking “chunky”.

Other  salons can only put in different color extensions to simulate the highlighted look. This is what leads to the “chunky” look.

Team Approach

You’ll have more than one person working for you!

Our colorist, the person that makes your extensions, and your stylist, all trained to do the best job for you.

Best Attachment Method

We simply would not use any attachment method that damages your hair!

Many salons use complicated braiding methods or fusion methods that cannot be removed without damaging your hair. Those that can be removed, usually require considerable time and expense to remove. 

Some salons sew a weft or track (hair sewn to a strip of material at the top) into your hair. They first make a cornrow with your hair and sew the weft to that.  We have seen many girls come in with large, red, itchy patches on their scalp because this methods puts a lot of pressure on a small amount of hair. We just won't do it!

When we make our extensions, we tip each one with a soft keratin, roll it to the proper size, and cool it. To attach it, your stylist will take an equal amount of your hair and fuse the keratin into it very near your scalp. We take care not to pull your hair too tight or have any stray hairs which would pull more than others, and be uncomfortable. The stylist then slides a tiny copper tube (called a microlink) over the keratin and squeezes it tight with a special tool.

The result is a durable bond that is comfortable to wear. AND, we can remove a full set of our extensions in less than 30 minutes without any damage to your hair.

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Hair Choices

We have many hair choices for you to choose from, each with their own characteristics.


We can make the extensions from the hair you bring in!

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We Stock Our Major Hair Collections

We generally keep all of the colors we need to match your hair color or highlighting in stock in the 18” length.

Since we keep the hair in stock, you can usually get your extensions the same or next day. We may even be able to do them when you come in for your consultation, depending upon stylist availability.

We have found that the 18” length works for 95% of our customers. We simply trim to your desired length once the extensions are put in. Longer extensions are available by Special Order.

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